Putzmeister Machine Cockpit

Putzmeister Machine Cockpit

The information hub for your machines –
anywhere and in real time!

We are giving you more


Remote Service

You are notified of critical machine conditions. Remote diagnosis helps all those involved to identify faults and implement appropriate measures.

Real-time information

The construction-site status of your vehicles is visible in real time, allowing you to stay organised more easily.

Data analysis

Key figures for delivery rate, machine use and fuel consumption enable you to reduce unproductive times, wear and fuel consumption across your fleet.

Maintenance & Service

Messages for maintenance intervals and the upcoming replacement of spare parts preserve the machine value and prevent downtimes.


A notification is generated as soon as the machine leaves a defined area. That makes it possible to react quickly when required.

Your advantages:

  • Prevention of breakdowns through pre-warnings about critical conditions and necessary services
  • Reduction of down-time by identifying root causes via remote service
  • Optimized machine utilization through data analysis

Sounds good ?

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